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We demo old, musty, finished basements, leaving you with a nice, clean basement.

Have you been waiting for the right time to take care of that eyesore in your backyard? Perhaps you have a shed, small structure, above ground pool or fencing that just needs to be demolished and hauled away? No worries! Lance’s Hauling is ready to help with your demolition project. We provide the most efficient, safe and Eco-friendly demolition and hauling services in the Capital District. You will not have to worry about the knockdown or pickup of your project. We have an experienced team that handles your project from start to finish. You may think that this is a simple “weekend warrior” project and while we agree that it can be, few people have the truck and trailer that is the most beneficial in hauling the leftover debris away when the job is finished. Lance’s Hauling has already thought of that for you. Are you ready to get down to the business of demolition? Our process is simple. You make an appointment with us and we will come take a look at the demolition project you have in mind. Then we will map out the process and give you a quote as to what it will cost to get the project done. If you see the absolute value in what we have to offer, then we will schedule your demolition and hauling project. Then we show up, you point, and we get to work. It’s really that simple.


We are willing to haul away all of the debris from your demolition project as well as any yard debris that you are ready to let go of. Might as well get it all done at once, right? We take most types of yard debris to include: branches, clippings, landscaping debris, firewood, lumber, old timber, plasterboard, frames, and windows. If the time is right and you are ready to get your demolition project underway, contact us today so that we can schedule your appraisal appointment. We are excited to get your project started so that you can get to enjoying your backyard again.


How can Lance’s Hauling help you as a busy contractor? Are you behind on remodeling schedules because of a labor shortage? Lance’s Hauling understands what the difficult search for qualified help is like. Utilizing our demolition services may help get you through peak business levels, and keeping your customers happy. Lance’s Hauling has everything wrapped up in one easy to use package, to make your projects a little easier. We have the know-how and expertise, the tools, and equipment to help you get your job done. Our insurances are up-to-date and valid, unlike many other companies who are operating without workman’s compensation. We utilize a 15 cubic yard dump trailer that leaves at the end of the day for every job – so your clients don’t have a big ugly dumpster blocking their driveway for days on end.

Lance’s Hauling is the subcontractor crew you wish you always had. We are there when you need us, and gone when you don’t. Our goal is always to make you look the best to your client.

Investors & House Flippers 

Do you have deadlines and projects slowing you down that are keeping you from moving on to the next great deal? Are your contractors dragging their feet, giving you excuses about why stuff is taking forever? We know the game. We know the players. We know how wasted time for days or weeks, hurts your end game, when working with borrowed money.

A smart house flipper or investor will always look beyond the upfront cost of getting the job done efficiently and correctly, and see the true value of the end game. Lance’s Hauling is extremely efficient, and we have all the tools that are needed to get the job done & save you money, time, and headaches.

Another benefit of Lance’s demolition, are our honest and upfront relationships with house flippers and investors. We take the time to work with you on your projects. Lance’s Hauling knows that completing large projects can be very stressful. Call Lance’s Hauling today and let our team be part of your flipping team. Let’s get it done!

Adam Trudeau, President of Trudeau Home Improvements says,

I met Lance back in 2014 while doing a huge remodel in Latham NY. This particular job presented some challenges as there was no where to leave a dumpster on site.

With approx. 150 yards of demo debris needing to be hauled away , I essentially needed to do demo work and then need to have it leave the site ASAP to make more room. 

We struck a deal and the agreement was I would call when the pile was almost done and he would show up with his guys and load it on his trailer and make it disappear. 

There were times he showed up later in the same day . I honestly can't say enough about his customer service and attention to detail and his crew is topshelf. 

I have also used Lance and crew to help actually demo projects for me and have never been disappointed. It's nice knowing when needed I have extra sets of hands to keep me on schedule . 

I personally recommend giving Lance's Hauling and his crew a try next time you need hauling or demo work , you won't be disappointed. 

Before & After Progression


As a busy real estate broker and house flipper, I rely on Lance to quickly and efficiently respond to my needs. Lance and his employees are professional, organized, quick, and very clean. Worth every penny, and a huge time saver from doing this type of work on my own.

Salvatore J. Fusco, NY Licensed Real Estate Broker, and House Flipper

Lance Skaarup and Lance's Hauling is a phenomenal cleanout service. Not only is Lance and his crew neat, timely, thorough, and cost-effective, they are community minded and have loads of heart! I would highly recommend Lance and his crew for cleanout, carpet removal, demolition of a stand-alone building such as sheds, carports, and or any of your junk removal needs. Lance and his crew are 5 out of 5 stars and I have worked with Lance for well over 10 years and will continue to drive business his way because I confidently know he will get the job done!

Jil Denn, CM Fox Realty

Excellent job, Lance, and crew! On schedule, professional, efficient, all with a personal touch! These guys cannot be beaten. There are many so-called hauling companies out there, do not be fooled... Lance is light years ahead of the other guys in every aspect of the business. Honest, hard-working group of guys. Cannot thank you enough!

Susan Dickinson

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