Frequently Asked Questions

Lance's Hauling helps you remove junk!

No, we take it from anywhere in the house and do all the loading.

Lance’s Hauling utilizes a 15 cubic yard dump trailer which can be put in the tightest of places for ease of loading causing much less property damage vs. a dumpster.

We charge by the cubic yard and you only pay for the pro-rated portion of the trailer you use. The rate per yard will vary a little bit depending on the type of junk being removed. Heavier types of materials such as remodeling debris, extensive magazines, books etc. cost a little more per yard.

We pay by the pound to dispose of the material at the landfill and the heavier the weight the higher the charge, with this the additional cost needs to be reflected in the estimate.

At Lance’s Hauling, we try our best whenever possible to donate items that are reusable to charity.

We try and keep these items separate while we are loading so when we get to the landfill these items are easily separated in the correct recycling locations.

Yes, if you know exactly what is to be removed. If it is many items all over the house it is best for me to stop by and give an accurate upfront estimate vs. guessing on the phone.

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